SIP Account Online: Open SIP Account Online in Minutes, follow these steps..

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How to open SIP Account Online: SIP i.e. Systematic Investment Plan has the most charm for new investors. If you want to start equity-linked investment then SIP investment is considered to be the safest. Through SIP you invest in any mutual fund scheme of your choice. In this, you invest a fixed amount in the fund for a fixed period. The good thing is that SIP is considered a guarantee of tremendous returns in the long term.


You can start SIP Investment anytime. SIP Account can be opened online in minutes. By opening an account, you just have to choose the scheme that suits you and start investing. If you also want to open an account, then we are telling you all the important things related to it.

What documents will be required to open a SIP account? (Documents Required to open SIP Account)
As we told you earlier the first step to open an SIP account for mutual funds is to get KYC done. For this, your personal details like name, address, office address, ID proof, etc. are verified. On the KYC portal, you will need a copy of the canceled check from your bank account, passport size photo, PAN card as ID proof, passport, voter ID, Aadhar card or driver's license along with utility bill, bank statement, or your company's as proof of address. You can attach a letter on behalf of.

How to open an SIP Account? (How to open an SIP Account)
You can start SIP with even Rs 500. The method of opening an account is also easy. let's watch-

Step 1: First complete your KYC. For this you will have to give details like your name, and address. You can do this verification either through video call or through Aadhaar OTP. After KYC verification, your account will be opened.


Step 2: After this, choose any mutual fund scheme of your choice and register to start SIP in it.

Step 3: You have to choose SIP and then choose the time when you will invest. After this, enter the bank details from which the amount is to be deducted.

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