Silent Heart Attack: Know what is silent heart attack, which takes life without any sign or pain


Silent Heart Attack: These days, be it common people or celebrities, many people have died suddenly. For the reason, it was found that he died due to a heart attack. It is a matter of concern that such people, who did not have any symptoms of heart attack till some time ago, have also become its victims. People at a young age are also falling prey to this disease. This is called Silent Heart Attack. According to health experts, most of the cases of heart attack these days are silent heart attacks. There is a risk of silent heart attack even without any heart disease. Let us know what is this silent heart attack.


What is a silent heart attack?
A silent heart attack is called silent myocardial infarction in medical language. In this, there is no chest pain like a heart attack and the attack cannot be detected at all. Although some symptoms are felt.

Why there is no pain in a silent heart attack
According to health experts, many times there is a problem in the nerves or spinal cord that transmit the feeling of pain to the brain or due to some psychological reason, the person is not able to identify the pain. Due to autonomic neuropathy in old age or diabetic patients, the entry is also not detected.

5 signs of a silent heart attack
1. Gastric problem or upset stomach
2. Lethargy and weakness without any reason
3. Getting tired after doing only a little work
4. Sudden breaking of cold sweat
5. Sudden frequent breathlessness
Reason for silent heart attack
Eating more oily, fatty and processed food
lack of physical activity
heavy drinking and smoking
due to diabetes and obesity
taking stress and tension


How to protect yourself from a silent heart attack
1. Take more and more salads and vegetables in food.
2. Exercise, do yoga and walk daily.
3. Avoid cigarettes, and alcohol.
4. Be happy and have a good mood.
5. Try to avoid stress and tension.
6. Get regular checkups done.

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