Signs of a Fake Friend: Identify in these 5 ways, whether your friend is fake?


Signs of a Fake Friend: After family, friends are an important part of our life. Having a true friend in life is no less than a blessing. However, only the lucky ones find true friendship. Many times in life we get cheated by many people. Our own friends are also present in this list of cheaters. We are not able to recognize those who have only selfish friendships with us. Fake friends are those who just pretend to be your friends, but in reality, they don't care about you at all. Let us know how to identify fake friends.


Be less interested in your things
If you have any fake friends, then they are not very interested in your life, emotions, and any kind of problems going on in your life. They think only about themselves.

Remember when needed
The biggest sign of a fake friend is that they will call you only when they have some work to do or need some kind of help. It may also happen that when you need them, they may not pick up your phone or respond to messages.

Jealousy and competition with you
In any of your happiness, a true friend will heartily ask for a party. At the same time, your friend who is jealous and irritated by your success will start feeling competition with you and will never be happy with your progress.

Can break trust
A fake friend can reveal your secrets. It may be possible that you have told him something with great confidence, but he does not trust you to tell how much and what the stories related to your life will be. They may break your trust behind your back.


Never do anything for you
A true friendship involves both give and take. Whereas some fake friends only want to get you to help, your goods or spend your money. He never does anything for you from his own side.
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