Shocking Claim: Is the government reading your WhatsApp chats? If you know the truth then you will be benefited..


WhatsApp Viral Message: Is the government keeping an eye on the WhatsApp chats of all of us? In recent days, a post claiming something similar went viral. It claimed that the government is monitoring and reading private chats of people on this messaging platform. If you have also received such a message, do not believe it at all. The government has denied this claim circulated on WhatsApp through its official Twitter channel named PIB Fact Check.


PIB Fact Check issued a statement refuting this claim, stating that it is completely false. To help explain this, PIB has also posted a picture on Twitter, showing the different indications used to display message status on WhatsApp. For example, one tick mark means that the message has been sent, while two blue ticks mean that the message has been seen. This is such a feature, which almost everyone knows.

In such a situation, some fabricated indications were added to the false claim that went viral to create confusion among the people by taking the help of this feature WhatsApp. It said that if three blue ticks appear on your WhatsApp message, it means that the government has taken notice of your message. On the other hand, if two blue and one red tick are seen, it means that the government can take action against you.

Apart from this, one blue and two red ticks mean that the government is investigating that message. The viral message also claimed that seeing three red ticks on the message would mean that the government has initiated legal action, and the sender of the message would receive a court summon.


However, PIB Fact Check has termed this message as completely false and also clarified that the WhatsApp platform does not use red ticks for message status. Instead, it uses gray ticks that turn blue when the receiver has read the message. Hence, the picture showing red ticks on WhatsApp and government surveillance is completely fake.

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