Sharad Purnima: Is the marriage getting delayed? Do these special measures on Sharad Purnima..


If you also wish for a worthy husband or child, then this Sharad Purnima is very special for you. Sharad Purnima is considered to have special significance in Sanatan Dharma. Be it the Raasleela of Lord Shri Krishna or the birth of Lord Kartikeya, both took place on this date. Due to this, this date is of great importance. Indore's famous Astrologer Acharya Pandit Kapil Maharaj is telling the whole matter.


The spiritual significance of Sharad Purnima
Pandit Kapil Maharaj says that the biggest spiritual thing about Sharad Purnima is that Lord Yogeshwar Shri Krishna created Maharas on this day. Maharas means the union of soul and God. On this day, Lord Shiva also got a new name and that name is Gopeshwar Mahadev because Lord Shiva also arrived in the form of Gopi to enjoy Maharas. I

There will be chances of marriage soon
Astrologer says that those girls who are not married or are facing obstacles in marriage. If those girls worship Lord Krishna on this day, then there are chances of getting a suitable groom. Lord Kartikeya was also born on the day of Sharad Purnima. Therefore this day is also known as Kartik Purnima. Therefore, all those who do not have children or those who wish to have children. If Lord Kartikeya is worshiped properly on this day, then chances of having children are also created.


The scientific significance of Sharad Purnima
Pandit Kapil Maharaj explains that Sharad Purnima has both scientific and religious beliefs. Scientific belief is that on the day of Sharad Purnima, the Moon remains very close to the Earth. Due to this the nectar streams emanating from the moon. It enters our body due to which our body acquires a healthy body. Therefore, most people prepare Kheer on the terrace of their house on the day of Sharad Purnima, so that the rays of the moon fall on the Kheer and the immunity of our body increases to fight diseases. Due to this kheer is eaten in the morning. Due to this, our body becomes healthy.

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