Scam Alert: Scammers target the elderly! The grandparent scam is a new way of cheating, know how to avoid it..


The increasing cases of cybercrime have troubled the common people a lot. New types of scams give people less chance to avoid them. Cyber ​​fraudsters are looking for new ways to cheat people. In such a situation, one method remains in discussion. Fraudsters are now cheating people through Grandparent Scam. Fraudsters are targeting elderly people with this new scam.


A new way of cheating Grandparent Scam
For your information, let us tell you that at present very few people know about this new scam. This is the reason why most people are becoming victims easily. In this scam, cyber fraudsters ask elderly people to send money and some kind of personal information. Also, many times they claim to be in some trouble. Apart from this, many times they make other demands apart from demanding money by posing as fake relatives. Not only this but scammers many times make false claims of being trapped abroad and demand money from the elderly in the name of medical and emergency help.

This is how scammers trap people
Scammers make their victims emotionally weak by pretending to be their granddaughter or grandson. In most cases, scammers trap their victims through the phone. Fraudsters sometimes trap their victims with fake claims and claim that they are in some kind of emergency. Cyber ​​thugs are very clever in this matter, so they forbid the elderly from telling anyone about this. Scammers are so clever that they get personal information like banking details from the elderly by entangling them in their talks.

How to avoid grandparent scam
In such a situation, if grandparents ever get such a call in which the person on the other end claims to be their grandson or granddaughter or any relative, then you need to be careful.


If someone pretends to be close and asks for help from grandparents through a phone call, then also you need to be cautious.

Demanding for any kind of financial help can be a hoax.

In such a situation, scammers often do not give the elderly a chance to understand the situation. But a little attention can prevent big scams.

If you receive a call from an unknown number on your phone and also get some different code on the phone screen, then you need to be careful, this could be a kind of scam.

To avoid such scams, the elderly should not share their personal information like banking details with anyone.

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