SBI Update: Senior citizens will get Rs 10 lakh on investment of Rs 5 lakh in SBI, the money will double in this time...


SBI Fixed Deposit Scheme: Are you looking for a risk-free investment in which you can get high returns? The country's largest public sector bank SBI is offering such a special scheme in which you can double your money.


If you invest Rs 5 lakh, you will get Rs 10 lakh directly on maturity. SBI has recently extended the deadline for investment in the WeCare FD scheme till March 31, 2024. SBI is offering the best interest to its customers on its WeCare FD. Know about SBI's FD scheme.

Interest rates on SBI WeCare FD (SBI WeCare FD interest rate)-
The bank gives 0.50 more interest on any FD to senior citizens than a normal customer. SBI Wecare is getting 7.50% interest. Investments under the scheme are made for a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 10 years. These rates will be available on new and renewable FDs.

You will get Rs 10 lakh by investing Rs 5 lakh.
Currently, SBI Bank is giving 7.5 percent interest to its customers on WeCare FD. If seen, the money in this will double in 10 years at this interest rate. That is, if you invest Rs 5 lakh, you can get Rs 10 lakh at the time of maturity. For Rs 5 lakh, you will get Rs 5.5 lakh as interest in 10 years. The bank is offering 6.5 percent interest on 10-year FD on regular FD. SBI gives interest ranging from 3.50 percent to 7.60 percent on its FD.


SBI Wecare FD Scheme-
If you invest in SBI's WeCare Special FD Scheme, you get interest at the rate of 7.5 percent. In this scheme of SBI, customers get 0.30 percent more interest than regular FD. If you join this FD scheme, you can also get a loan facility.

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