SBI Update: Few days left to invest in SBI's high interest FD, investors are getting huge benefits..


SBI Wecare Deposit Interest Rate: If you are a senior citizen and planning to get FD, then this is important news for you. The last date to apply for SBI We Care, the high-interest FD scheme run by the country's largest government bank State Bank of India for senior citizens, ends in September.


This FD was launched by SBI in 2020 to provide additional interest to senior citizens.

How much benefit is available in SBI We Care FD?
According to the SBI website, in this FD, an additional interest of 0.50 percent is given by the bank to senior citizens. This is in addition to the 0.50 percent interest offered to senior citizens as compared to general investors. In this way, 1.00 percent interest is given to senior citizens for investing in SBI V Care FD.

When is its last date?
SBI V Care FD can be done by any senior citizen till September 30, 2023. This benefit is given on both fresh deposits and renewables.

The interest rate for senior citizens in SBI
On FD from 7 days to 45 days – 3.5 percent
On FD from 46 days to 179 days – 5 percent
On FD of 180 days to 210 days – 5.75 percent

On FD from 211 days to less than one year - 6.25 percent
On FD of one year and less than two years - 7.30 percent
On FD of two years and less than three years – 7.50 percent
-7.00 percent on FD of 3 years to less than 5 years
On FD of 5 years to less than 10 years – 7.50 percent
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