Save Mobile Data: 1.5 GB of data gets exhausted by noon, make a setting in your mobile...


If the smartphone is its body then data is its soul. We are not saying this, all the customers using it must be feeling the same. For this reason, an eye is always kept on the data. The data on the mobile has not been exhausted and it starts appearing useless. Neither WhatsApp, Facebook nor any video will be able to work.


Till now it is fine, but the problem arises when your mobile data gets exhausted by noon without you doing anything. Actually, most people recharge the pack which provides 1 GB, 1.5 GB, or 2 GB daily data. They don't even realize and by noon the entire data gets exhausted. After this the mobile becomes sluggish. We have come up with a solid solution for the customers troubled by this problem.

Why does data expire?
First of all, it is important to know why the data in your phone gets exhausted so fast. The biggest reason for this is the updating of your phone. There are many security features in the phone, which keep updating automatically. Most people keep the option of auto update in their phone and as soon as a new update comes, your phone updates it using the data without asking. You don't even realize this and your phone's internet data gets exhausted.

ways to save data
You can save it by turning on the data saver feature on your phone.

For this, go to Settings and click on Connections.

Then after tapping on data usage, click on data saver.

With this, you will be able to decide which apps can use data in the background and which cannot.

set data limit

For this, first, go to Settings and click on Connections.

Then open Data Usage and click on Mobile Data Usage.

After this, open the gear icon given above on the right side and turn on Set Data Warning.

Finally, go to Data Warning and set your daily limit.

As soon as your data consumption crosses this limit, your phone will stop working.


turn off auto updates

For this, go to Settings and open the app icon.

After this, select all those apps that need to be stopped from using data.

Click on mobile data and turn off Allow background data usage.

This will stop auto updates in all apps and data consumption will also reduce.
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