Sarkari Yojana: With this superheat scheme of the government, your electricity bill will become zero...


Solar Rooftop Calculator: If you are troubled by huge electricity bills and want to get rid of them, then get solar panels installed on the roof of your house. After installing solar panels, the tension of huge electricity bills will end. There will not be a single rupee electricity bill for 25 years. Use AC, fan, and TV without any tension.


Why is rooftop solar beneficial?
Rooftop solar is beneficial for you in many ways. First- Installing solar panels under this scheme will reduce the expenses. Because on getting it installed, one gets a subsidy from the government. Second- By installing solar panels, the hassle of electricity bills will end.

Opportunity to get subsidy till March 2026-
Let us tell you that the government has extended the Rooftop Solar program till March 31, 2026. The government gives subsidies for installing solar panels on the roof. To install rooftop solar, you can register on the national portal.

Cost of installing solar panels (Solar Rooftop Cost)-
If you install a 3KW solar panel, it will cost Rs 1,26,060. The cost of installing a 1KW solar panel is Rs 42,020. The government provides a subsidy of up to 40% on the installation of rooftop solar panels. In this case, you will have to spend Rs 75,636 from your pocket. You will get a subsidy of Rs 50,424 from the government.

There will be savings of more than Rs 8 lakh in 25 years-
The life of a solar panel is 25 years. According to Solar Rooftop Calculator, if you are paying an electricity bill at the rate of Rs 8/KW and the rate remains fixed for the next 25 years, then the electricity bill will be Rs 8,28,000.


Whereas if you install 3KW rooftop solar on the roof of your house, its total cost will be Rs 75,636 and your electricity bill will be zero for 25 years. That means your total savings will be Rs 8.28 lakh. To install rooftop solar, you can apply by visiting the official website
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