Saree Styling Tips: Plus size women should keep these things in mind while carrying saree..


Saree Styling Tips: Women just need an excuse to wear a saree. It is our favorite traditional wear on special occasions, but when there is a lot of confusion about what to wear in an event or outing, then the saree is considered the safe and best option, but the matter does not end here, saree. To look your best, you have to keep many other things in mind, especially if your figure is curvy. In such a situation, there is double pressure on you to look slim and beautiful, so for this, pay attention to the tips given here, by trying which your desire to look slim in a saree can be fulfilled.


Tie the saree a little tight
Plus-size women have to tie the saree a little tighter than normal. In this, the look will look a little slim, but many times we make mistakes in understanding this funda. We think that wearing loose clothes makes the figure look slim, so this mistake should not be made.

Choose dark color
You must be following these tips, but it does not include only black color. Yes, most women think that only black color is effective in hiding weight, but it is not so, most dark-colored sarees have this magic. Meaning, apart from black, you can include sarees of colors like maroon, purple, and bottle green in your wardrobe.

Wear small print sarees
One important thing that plus-size women should keep in mind while buying sarees is to choose sarees with small prints. Sarees with big prints make the body look more full, but sarees with small prints give you a slim look.


Keep sleeves full
While choosing a blouse with a saree, one also keeps some things in mind, such as its sleeve. To look slim in a saree, choose a full sleeve option instead of a short or sleeveless one. This easily covers the fat of the hands and such sleeves also look good.
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