Sandalwood Powder Benefits: Sandalwood can give natural glow to your skin, know its other benefits..


Sandalwood Benefits: Sandalwood powder has been used for many years to beautify the skin. Our grandmothers must have told us many times about its benefits, but we often do not pay attention to these beauty secrets. Sandalwood powder is very beneficial for our skin, using which many skin problems can be solved. For this reason, it is used in many skin care products. Let us know what benefits can be obtained from the use of sandalwood powder.


Reduces acne
The use of sandalwood powder can reduce the problem of acne. Anti-bacterial properties are found in sandalwood, which do not allow bacteria to grow and hence acne does not occur. Besides, it also helps in reducing the swelling caused by acne. Therefore, if you are struggling with acne, then a sandalwood face pack can help you.

Sun burn treatment
Sandalwood is a panacea for the redness of the skin or rashes due to sunburn. Sandalwood is cooling in nature, which helps in reducing skin irritation and rashes. It has no side effects, hence it is absolutely safe for the skin.

Anti-aging properties
Sandalwood can help in reducing the symptoms of aging caused by pollution and age. It protects the skin from free radical damage, which reduces the problem of wrinkles.

Brightens the face
Anti-oxidants are found in sandalwood, which helps in reducing the dullness of the skin. Additionally, it is also helpful in reducing skin blemishes, making the skin look radiant and bright.

Reduces facial oil
Using sandalwood powder reduces the extra oil in your skin, due to which acne. Besides, it also does not make the skin dry, due to which people of all skin types can use it.


Reduces scars
Sandalwood increases the collagen of the skin, which is beneficial in reducing skin scars. Due to this the skin tone also looks better. For this, you can make a paste of sandalwood powder and apply it to your face.
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