Sanchar Saathi: Check how many mobile numbers are being used in your name...


Many times the main member of the household buys a SIM for other members on his Aadhar card. This is the reason why there is a facility to buy more than one number on one Aadhar card.


However, how many SIMs have been purchased in your name? You must be aware of this. Many times an unknown person is using the SIM on someone else's Aadhar card.

Not only this, the Aadhar card holder is not even aware of it.

The government's Sanchar Sathi portal will be useful
Involvement of mobile numbers in any wrongdoing can bring blame to the Aadhaar card holder. In such a situation, the government provides the facility to every citizen to get information about the total number of SIMs taken in his name.

For this, the government's Sanchar Sathi portal comes in handy. In this article, we are telling the process of checking the information about total SIM taken on Aadhar card-

How many mobile numbers are registered in your name?
First of all, you have to visit the Sanchar Saathi portal (

Now scroll down to Citizen Centric Services and tap on Know Your Mobile Connections.

If you want, you can click directly on

Now you will have to provide information about your mobile number.

The Captcha code has to be filled.

Now you will get an OTP on the entered mobile number.

This OTP will have to be filled in the blank box.

Now a new page will open on your device screen.


On this page, numbers 1,2,3 will be seen written next to Mobile numbers registered in your name.

With this, the number used in your name will be seen as 9198xxxx9939.

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