Sambhar Vada: To get the wonderful taste of Sambhar Vada, prepare it at home like this...


There are many dishes to make your mouth spicy. Among these, Sambhar Vada can also be a good option. Sambhar Vada is also known as Medu Vada. This is one of the favorite dishes of many people. Sambhar Vada is also considered one of the most famous dishes in South Indian dish. People of Tamil Nadu and Kerala like it very much. It is made from urad dal. You might have eaten Sambhar Vada at a hotel, restaurant, or dhaba, but it can be easily prepared at home too.


2 cups urad dal
1/2 cup gram dal
1/2 cup rice
1 medium-sized onion finely chopped
1 tsp salt
10 fresh curry leaves
2 green chillies finely chopped
10 to 15 whole black peppers
1 small piece ginger finely chopped
a pinch of baking soda
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
Oil/Dalda (for frying)

- First of all, wash urad dal in a vessel and remove the peel. Also, wash and sort the gram dal and rice.
Now pour water into the vessel, add urad dal, rice, and gram dal, and leave for 15 minutes.
- After 15 minutes, wash it again and grind it. It has to be ground finely.
- The mixture has to be kept thick so that the vada becomes good.
Now add finely chopped onion and mix.
- Add chopped green chili and ginger and mix.

- Add salt as per taste and mix it.
- Add red chili and cumin powder to the mixture and beat it.
- Grind whole black pepper and add its powder.
- Add washed curry leaves and beat the mixture well.
- After adding all the ingredients, beat it well.
- Now spread polythene well on the plate and apply oil on it so that when the mixture is poured on it, it does not stick.
Now put the mixture on the finger place it on polythene and make a cake. Now press the cake you have made with your finger in the middle of the cake and make a hole.
Similarly, with the help of fingers, make the remaining mixture into a patty of polythene and make holes in it so that it becomes vada-shaped.
- Now put oil or dalda in a pan and heat it. Then carefully add the prepared vada cakes one by one.
Now cook the vada until it turns golden or light brown. Slowly put all the vadas in oil and fry till they turn brown.
- Sambhar Vada is ready. You can eat it with sauce, green or red chutney, or sambar. It can also be tasted with almond and coconut chutney or mayonnaise.
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