Salary Account Benefits: Most people do not know, the bank gives these benefits on salary account...


Companies provide a special bank account to employed people which is called a salary account. This account is different from a regular bank account because this account has many benefits. But very few people know about these benefits. Because even banks often do not disclose the benefits available on salary accounts. Let us tell you that employees of corporations, hospitals, hotels, etc. get many benefits on the SBI salary account.


According to different employees' salaries, there are 4 variants of SBI salary accounts - Platinum, Diamond, Gold, and Silver. Those earning 5 thousand to 20 thousand have Silver, 20 thousand to 50 thousand Gold, 50 thousand to 1 lakh Diamond and those earning more than 1 lakh have Platinum variant account. According to this variant, your Debit card will be available. To upgrade your account, you will have to provide proof of increased salary. After opening the salary account, you will be given an account number. The salary will be deposited into the account by the employer through corporate internet banking. Employees can open their salary accounts in any branch of the country.

Benefits of SBI salary account
>> Zero balance account
>> Free unlimited transactions from any bank's ATM
>> Free ATM cum Debit Card
>>ATM card for joint account holder
>> Free Internet Banking
>> Free Multicity Check
>> 35 percent discount on locker charges
>> Free Draft, SMS Alert, Online NEFT/RTGS
>> Overdraft facility on 2 months' salary

Let us know what are the benefits of a salary account...
1. The bank provides a dedicated wealth manager
If you have a lot of money then you can also open a wealth salary account. Under this, the bank gives you a dedicated wealth manager. This manager looks after all the work related to your bank.

2. Free Internet transaction
Some banks also provide facilities like credit cards to payroll accounts, free internet transactions, overdrafts, cheap loans, free remittance of cheques, pay orders, and demand drafts (money coming from abroad).

3. Converts salary account to a savings account
If your bank comes to know that salary is not coming into your account for some time, then all the facilities given to you are withdrawn and your bank account is continued like a normal savings account.

4. Account is easily transferred
Even in the case of salary accounts, banks keep the process easy for changing accounts from one bank to another. Of course, they put some conditions on it. How the account is opened: To open a salary account, you should be working in a corporate, government department or PSU, and your company should have a salary account relationship with that bank. Along with this, the customer should not have any other account in the same bank.


5. What other facilities are available?
The bank gives you a personalized checkbook, on which your name is printed on every cheque. You can avail of the facility of bill payment, otherwise, you can make payments by phone or the internet. Banks also provide facilities like a safe deposit locker, sweep-in, super saver facility, free pay-at-par checkbook, free installers, free passbook, and free email statements.

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