Salad Boat Recipe: The recipe is made of green vegetables and fruits, which you can include in any party, it is easy to make


The Salad Boats recipe is a wonderful recipe. Which you can try at any festival.


It is made from fruits and green vegetables, so it is very beneficial for both health and the stomach. Cucumber, pineapple, green grapes, black grapes, hung card, honey and corn are mixed in it. This salad recipe can be made at any party or festival. The sour-sweet taste of honey along with the hung card adds charm to this recipe. The fusion of fruits and vegetables is scrumptious in this recipe. You can use this recipe in a kitty party, buffet or picnic.

To make this salad recipe, take two cucumbers and wash them. Cut it in half lengthwise and take out the pulp with the help of a spoon.

Cut all red capsicum, yellow capsicum, green capsicum and pineapple into small cubes and put them in a bowl. Now put pomegranate seeds, green and black grapes and corn together in the bowl of vegetables. Mix all these together.


In a small bowl, mash the hung curd with salt, black pepper powder and honey. Mix it properly. Now pour this mixture over the chopped vegetables and fruits. Mix it well and make sure all the ingredients are evenly coated with the hung curd mixture.

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