Road Trip Tips: If you are also planning to travel with your car, then it is necessary to prepare these things first...


Road Trip Tips: It is a different thing to go on a trip with your car. Whether the weather is pleasant or not, the company of friends or partners is enough to make such a journey memorable. But many times during the journey with your car, you also have to face some such experiences, due to which either you have to think four times before taking your car next time or it seems that it would be better to leave by bus or train. So today we are going to share some such tips with you, keeping in mind the planning of traveling in your car, with this you will be able to enjoy the journey well.


1. Weather Information
Keep complete information about the weather of the place you are going. Weather information not only makes packing clothes easier, but it also makes it easier to choose a route. Many times people take such routes for shortcuts, whose condition worsens as soon as the weather worsens, so at least you will be saved from this problem.

2. Information on emergency numbers
To get help in case of any emergency, note down the emergency numbers in your phone or travel diary. By the way, emergency numbers are also written on the highway, from which help can be taken. Apart from this, it is necessary to note down the number of your mechanic or workshop. Wherever you are going, keep the phone number and address of the service center with you.

3. Family Locator
Before leaving for the journey, also download this app on your smartphone, so that your family and friends will get information about your drive and stay.

4. Inline Permit
The Indian Constitution gives every citizen the right to move to any part of the country. Yes, you need permission from local officials or security agencies to travel around the International Border, Jammu and Kashmir, and parts of Northeast India. This is called an inline permit. SDM Leh gives this permission for Ladakh. To go to Lakshadweep or Arunachal Pradesh, take permission from the state buildings here in Delhi.


5. Law & Order
It is very important to take care of the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act while taking your vehicle to another city. Apart from this, keep some original documents with you, such as the RC of the vehicle, insurance certificate, pollution under control certificate, driving license, etc.
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