RO waste water: Can vegetables be washed with RO waste water? Are you making any mistake? know the truth..


Along with cleaning water through a water purifier, a lot of water also goes to waste. To clean 1 liter of water, 3 liters are wasted. In such a situation, this water can be stored and put to many uses. Some people also use it in a better way. However, a question remains in the minds of many people can this wasted water be used to wash vegetables and fruits? Let us know the answer.


In the process of making contaminated water potable by RO, a lot of water goes to waste. In such a situation, if this water is used then it will be a good thing. Especially if you live in a place where there is a shortage of water, then this option will be even better for you. Some people also use it in different ways. However, some people want to know whether this water can be used to wash fruits and vegetables.

Can vegetables be washed with RO waste water?
Experts believe that RO waste water should not be used to wash vegetables. Certainly not without checking. According to experts, this mainly depends on what kind of contaminants were present in the original water given to RO for filtering, which will also come out as rejected water after filtration.

In such a situation, until you are sure that you can handle all the contaminants present there or that they are normal. Till then experts ask not to use this water for washing vegetables or fruits. You may need a separate kit to test water quality. Contaminants present in waste water can get absorbed into fruits or vegetables while washing and you definitely do not want this to happen.


In some cases, it is also possible that some contaminants may be absorbed by your food. This will make the situation even worse. You cannot guarantee that this will not happen. In such a situation, if you wash fruits or vegetables with RO waste water, then you will have to take extra precautions.
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