Remove White Hair: Peel of this vegetable will make white hair black, make Herbal Black Hair Dye at home like this


Grey hair has become a big problem in today's time. Nowadays even young people's hair is turning white fast. The changing lifestyle of people is now affecting their hair too. In such a situation, people often use chemicals to darken their hair, which can be very harmful to their health of the people. In such a situation, if you want to darken your hair naturally, then potato peel can be very useful for you, but let's tell how.


Potato is considered an important source of carbohydrates in our bodies. That is why potatoes are used a lot in vegetables. Similarly, tremendous nutrients are also found in potato peels. This help makes the body healthy and eliminates other problems. There is a strong treatment for fat and blood sugar stuck in the arteries, drink the water of this seed on an empty stomach in the morning.

Potato peel is full of nutrients
Let us tell you that many types of vitamins are present in potato peels and if people use them, they can provide relief from many problems. Talking about nutrients, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium and folate are found in it.

How to make herbal dye from potato peel
Please tell them that you can use herbal dye made from potato peel to darken the sand. Let's tell you how to make it.

First of all peel off the potatoes.
Now put these peels in cold water and boil them.
Cool the water after boiling for 10 minutes
Store the cold water in a jar.

Peel this vegetable will make white hair black, make herbal black hair dye at home like this


How to use on hair
There is also a process of applying potato peel water as a dye. It has to be applied to the hair especially.

First of all, apply potato peel water on your roots and massage with a light hand for 5 minutes.
After massaging, leave the water on the head.
Leave your hair like this for half an hour.
After this wash the head with cold water.
Using this hair mask will help in darkening your greying hair.

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