Religious Tips: Why are bells rung during puja and aarti? What is the secret of the picture of Lord Garuda, know everything..


Actually, there are many different beliefs about ringing the bell during Aarti. Many stories have been written about bell ringing at many places and many beliefs are told. It is written somewhere that ringing the bell calms the mind, someone says that while ringing the bell, positive energy comes into the house, hence the bell is rung at the time of Aarti. Many religious and scientific significances have been attributed to the ringing of bells during the Aarti of God.


The story behind ringing the bell
It is said that if the bell is rung during the Aarti, the Gods wake up and quickly listen to the wishes of their devotees. People also say that ringing the bell brings peace to the mind and the mind remains absorbed in devotion, that is why the bell is rung.

It is said that in Kaliyuga, instead of coming in physical form, God stays here in the form of an idol and keeps his watch over his devotees. When Lord Shri Narayana was coming to earth in the form of an idol, his councilors prayed to him that we should also go with him to serve him. Then Lord told all the councilors that you too will be present there with me in some form or the other to serve me, out of which Lord Garuda took the form of a bell.

Why is there a figure of God in the mouth of the bell?
Lord Garun resides in the bell. He is called the ultimate devotee and vehicle of Lord Narayana. When God talked about going to earth in the form of an idol, he also talked about taking his councilor with him there in some form or the other. Lord Garun was also present there, then Lord Garun took the form of a bell. From then till today he is serving God in the form of a bell.


In any worship of God, be it the offering of God in the Aarti of God or anything else, it cannot be done without Lord Garun and Lord Garun resides in the bell, hence bell is used in all the works like worship and hence. There is a shape of Lord Garuna in the mouth of the bell because he resides in the bell.

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