Religious Tips: If you do these sure shot remedies on Monday then the obstacles in marriage will go away, Lord Shiva will shower your blessings...


A simple remedy for Monday: In the Hindu religion, every day of the week is dedicated to some god or goddess. Similarly, Monday is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. By worshiping Lord Shiva today, one gets his special blessings. On this day, people observe the Monday fast (Somvar vrat) and pray to Bholenath for happiness, prosperity, and prosperity in life. Besides, unmarried girls also observe this fast to get their desired groom. Married women worship Bholenath and observe fast on Monday for the long life of their husbands. Apart from this, by doing some simple astrological remedies today, troubles go away from life and there is no problem of wealth. So let us know what measures should be taken on Monday so that the blessings of Lord Shankar remain with you forever.


7 simple solutions for Monday
1. According to astrologer and Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma, Mahadev is pleased by doing some remedies on Monday. He maintains his special blessings on the devotees. If you make small balls of flour and feed them to fish today, then the problem of financial crisis can go away from your life. There will be no shortage of money.

2. To fulfill your wishes, write Om Namah Shivay with twenty-one Belpatra sandalwood on Monday. Go to a temple or offer it to Shivalinga at home. All your wishes will gradually begin to be fulfilled.

3. If a married couple is not blessed with a child, then on this day they should make a Shivalinga out of flour and perform Jalabhishek on everyone at least eleven times. This remedy will definitely fill your empty lap.

4. Today in the evening, you must go to Shiva temple and offer Ganga water on Shivalinga. During this, keep chanting Om Namah Shivay. With this, Bholenath will be happy to see your devotion and will bless you to maintain happiness and prosperity in your home.

5. If you want you should never have a shortage of wealth, then to fulfill this wish, apply tilak to Shankar ji with yellow or red sandalwood. This will remove the financial crisis. You will start progressing in your job and business, due to which your house will start filling with wealth.

6. If someone in the house is unwell for a long time or has suffered from any disease, then to get rid of it, you should go to Shiva temple and perform Jalabhishek 101 times. During this time, keep chanting the mantra ‘Om Jun Sa:’. Soon the sick member of your family will start getting healthy.


7. If there is any problem or obstacle continuously coming in your marriage, then to remove this defect, offer saffron milk on Shivalinga. Soon a good relationship will come to your house and there will be chances of marriage.

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