Religious Tips: Many problems go away from flour diya, for which problem which flour diya should be lit...


Aate Ke Deepak Ke Upay: In Sanatan Dharma, lamps are lit at the time of aarti, worship, or rituals of every deity. According to religious beliefs, lighting a lamp makes the atmosphere there pure and positive. The lamp made of soil and flour is lit. Both the lamps have their own special significance but the flour lamp is considered pure and holy in Hinduism. It is believed that every wish is fulfilled by lighting a lamp made of flour in the worship of Gods and Goddesses.


According to astrology, the atmosphere there is made positive by lighting lamps during fasting, worship, and rituals. A separate flour lamp is lit for each problem, due to which its effect is quick and helps to get rid of that problem.

Know which flour lamp to light for which problem
1. Wheat flour lamp
If you are stuck in some kind of debate and want to get rid of it, then lighting a lamp made of wheat flour is considered best.

2. Urad flour lamp
If you want to win by defeating your enemy, then a lamp made of urad flour can be helpful.

3. Moong flour lamp
According to astrology, if you want peace in your home, then light a lamp made of moong flour.


Rules for lighting a flour lamp
If you want your every wish to be fulfilled, then for this, light a lamp made of flour in decreasing or increasing order. Like 11 days, 21 days and 31 days. According to astrology, the flour lamp is lit in this order. Starting with 1 lamp, it is taken till 11 lamps, like on the day on which the Sankalp is taken, then on the second day, then on the third day, on the fourth day. From the next day onwards, these lamps were again lit in descending order. Like 10, then 9, then 7, then 5, then 3 and then 1.

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