Religious Tips: If you also make a Swastika on the main door, then know its importance...


Swastik is such a symbol that is considered very sacred in Sanatan Dharma. It is made in every auspicious work. But do you know why it is made? What is the reason behind making a swastika symbol at the entrance of the house? According to Hindu scriptures, people need to take care of many things at their place of residence. According to Hindu scriptures, making a swastika symbol at the entrance of the house or other places including the place of worship is considered very auspicious and auspicious. But a little mistake in making this symbol can cause great harm.


The swastika symbol is a symbol of power, prosperity, and good fortune.
Astrologer Manotpal Jha of Purnia says that before doing any auspicious work, the Swastika symbol is made in our Hindu religion. The Swastika symbol is considered a symbol of power, prosperity, and good fortune. This Swastika is not from today but this Swastika symbol was found in the Indus Valley Civilization around 3000 BC. Since then its popularity increased in the Hindu religion.

Pandit ji further said that you can make a Swastik with sandalwood or kumkum. He said that you will have to be careful before making it, otherwise, it can also cause death. It has to be remembered that whenever Swastika is made, it will be made clockwise. If even a little goes wrong while making it then this Swastika will become a symbol of death. Therefore make it clockwise only.

Swastika made from the meaning of these words
Pandit ji says the word Swastika is made up of self, existence, and karma. The auspicious one, the one who does good, the Swastika symbol, the one who does good. It is a symbol of doing good for you. It expels the negative energy power present in our house. Fills positive energy. Shakti gives good fortune. Along with this, auspicious Mars attracts things towards itself from all four directions. Where this sign is there, auspicious, auspicious, and good works will definitely happen there. With this, the planet removes the defects. Removes Vaastu defects. There is a possibility of financial gain.


Goddess Lakshmi is pleased by having Swastika on the main door.
This Swastika symbol has a great contribution to pleasing Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, on the occasion of puja, the Swastika symbol is made in our homes. Its meaning is a symbol of well-being and auspiciousness. You can make this not only at the main door but anywhere. Be it your puja thali the entrance of your house or any other place of worship or Devbhoomi, it can be made anywhere.

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