Religious Tips: By making these mistakes in the house, blessings never come, Alakshmi resides instead of Lakshmi...


Dhanteras and Diwali, the day of special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, are near. In such a situation, everyone wants to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, so that there is no shortage of happiness, prosperity, and wealth in the house. But, many times, even after lakhs of efforts and measures, we do not get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and problems like discord, conflict, lack of money, and physical pain remain in the house.

According to the scriptures, the main reason for not getting the blessings of Mother Lakshmi is the mistakes made by a person knowingly or unknowingly, due to which Mother Lakshmi gets angry and leaves his house and instead of Mother Lakshmi, her sister Alakshmi starts living in the house. Are. As soon as Alakshmi arrives, the person starts living a life full of poverty. Troubles, laziness, and obstacles start in the house.


Atharva Vedacharya Devanand Ji said that along with worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, it is necessary that we also understand her place, interests, and rules very well, only then we get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The house where poverty resides is not considered to be the residence of Mother Lakshmi, but her sister Alakshmi. In such a situation, a person faces bad luck. Therefore, before this Diwali, give up those activities which are unpleasant to Goddess Lakshmi.

Don't forget to do these 5 things at home
1. False utensils in the kitchen: Those houses where false utensils are kept all night even after cooking and eating, there is never any prosperity. Because Mother Annapurna resides in the kitchen in the form of Mother Lakshmi, Mother Annapurna gets angry and there remains a shortage of grains in the house of such a person.

2. Sweeping in the evening: Mother Lakshmi does not enter the houses where sweeping is done at sunset. Because evening is considered to be the auspicious time to enter the house of Goddess Lakshmi. In such a situation, Goddess Lakshmi becomes angry, and a financial crisis starts in the house. Therefore, sweeping should never be done in the evening. If sweeping is necessary, the garbage should be taken out the next morning.

3. Wasteful expenditure of money: Houses where money is wasted. Money is used unnecessarily, there is always debt. Also, those who do not save money for their adverse times, disrespect Goddess Lakshmi. In such a situation, their mother's pity does not fall on him and one day he gets trapped in the world of debt.


4. No blessings for a misbehaving person: The person who does not behave properly with his elders, parents, and other people in the society, Goddess Lakshmi never resides in his house. Lakshmi does not reside in a house where parents are not respected, where guests are disrespected, and where women are not respected.

5. Blessings go away from laziness: People who leave their work day and night and stay at home do not have the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. People who sleep till late in the morning or stay awake till late at night without doing any work, poverty also resides here. It is believed that not waking up in Brahma Muhurta causes harm to Shri, Shri i.e. Mother Lakshmi.
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