Relationship Tips: These signs point towards a toxic relationship, do not make the mistake of ignoring them..


Any relationship works only when there is love, respect, and a feeling of belongingness towards each other. Every relationship is different from each other. When you build a relationship with a partner who is right for you in every way, then there is no problem. But this also comes to light gradually when we live with each other. Many times, with time, certain things happen in a relationship that indicates a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship is a type of relationship that is emotionally, mentally, or physically abusive for one or both partners. It is very important that you know from the beginning some signs that your relationship is not becoming toxic. Don't make the mistake of ignoring these signs. Let us know about these signs of a toxic relationship...


Lack of support
In every relationship, it is very important for the partners to support each other and this makes their relationship stronger and progress. However, this does not happen in a toxic relationship and one has a lot of negative feelings towards one's partner.

Talk loudly
When you and your partner start talking to each other by shouting rather than lovingly, then it is called toxic communication. If there is a fight over every small thing, then it is a sign of a toxic relationship.

To ignore
If both of you start ignoring each other despite being in a relationship, then understand that there is no love in the relationship. One should separate from such relationships and start a new life. If someone is ignoring and ignoring you while talking to you, then try to find out the reason for this. All these things point towards a toxic relationship.

Making excuses
It is often seen that even while being in such a relationship, due to love, a person starts making excuses to amuse himself. For example, if the partner is excessively controlling, then he convinces himself that this is his way of taking care. However, the truth is the opposite. It is best that you leave such a relationship as soon as possible.


Make fun of others
Pulling each other's legs jokingly happens, but if your partner keeps making fun of you to show himself superior or always laughs at you, then you should understand that this is not something to be ignored.
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