Relationship Tips: Do not make these mistakes between engagement and marriage, otherwise the relationship may get spoiled...


Relationship Tips: When it comes to marriage, everyone wants to know their partner as well as possible. In a love marriage, people already know a lot about each other, but in an arranged marriage, many questions remain in the mind about starting life with a new person. Due to pressure from family members, we say yes to marriage, but after that, while trying to know the other person, we often make some mistakes, which can have a direct impact on their relationship.


The time between marriage and engagement is very delicate. We are not telling you that you should not take time to know your partner, but it is very important to keep some things in mind while talking to them, so that nothing affects your relationship. Let us know about some such special things-

Don't talk on the phone too much
After engagement, couples should not talk on the phone too much, because continuous talking can lead to many conflicts and fights between you or your partner may start feeling that you are giving them space from now on. Not giving.

Respect each other
It is possible that sometimes during a conversation, both of you may argue over some issue when your views do not match. In such a situation, understand each other and respect the decision. Do not respond by shouting or using abusive language even by mistake.

Do not dominate your partner
If you don't like something your partner says, choose the right way to explain and handle it. Do not overpower them, otherwise, they may feel that they will have to live under your control even after marriage.


Do not speak ill of the family
Marriage is not only a union of two people but also two families, in which both should respect each other's family. In such a situation, it is very important that you do not do even small harm to your family by mistake to your partner. With this, they can also look at your family from the same perspective.
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