Relationship Tips: Wife never mentions these things openly, there is a fear of sourness in the relationship..


To keep married life better and full of happiness, both husband and wife should not hide anything from each other. But sometimes some things have to be hidden for the betterment of your relationship. Wives do this. There is no harm in accepting the fact that there are some things in the life of all of us that we do not share with anyone. It is not wrong to hide such things to maintain love in a relationship. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about those things that wives do not mention openly to their husbands because they are afraid of sourness in the relationship. No matter how strong the relationship between husband and wife is, these are the things due to which there is a fear of their relationship getting spoiled. Let us know about these things...


Talk of discord with in-laws
Obviously, when a newly married woman has to adjust to the new family ways and is expected to play the role of an ideal daughter-in-law as defined by society, there are bound to be differences of opinion. Some women try to resolve differences without making any noise, while some brave people raise their voices against it. However, the most difficult thing to do amidst all this is to discuss with your husband about any kind of problems you have with your in-laws.

About your past affair
You may feel that the best experiences of the woman in your life have been with you. But you may be wrong, because who knows, she may be hiding those special experiences from you. This is because women are very cautious about their image. She does not want anyone to create a wrong image of her. The second reason is more practical. Women and girls often hide their love affairs because they do not want their current partner to feel uncomfortable with it. Generally, men are interested in knowing whether they are better than their partner's ex, but the special thing is that women do not like this at all.

About the disease
If a woman has a physical problem, many times she does not even tell her husband about it. Because they think that everything will be fine, they need to be troubled, they will get troubled anyway. And she never wants her husband to get upset or stressed because of her. Such as problems occurring during menstruation etc.

Talk about friends
You will never know what kind of things women talk about with their friends. Provided you don't listen to them secretly. The things that women are afraid to share with men, they share with their friends with great pleasure. Not only her own but she also does not shy away from hiding her friend's secrets from her husband or boyfriend.

Secret crush
Every woman has a secret crush, the woman never tells about this to her husband, whereas she can talk about it to her best friend. Because she is afraid that something might happen between her and her husband after learning about her secret crush.


Say no to sex
All women should learn to say 'no' to anything and everything that feels wrong to them or to any requests that they are in no mood to consider. However, this is easier said than done. Sometimes, a woman is not interested in having a sexual relationship, in which case she has to work hard to reject her husband's advances or requests. The simple reason for this is that in Indian society, girls are brought up with the lesson that as a wife it is her duty to keep her husband happy!

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