Relationship Tips: Why do girls shy away from getting married? Know the reason here..


After a certain age, both boys and girls get taunted that they should get married now. It is said that it is very difficult to live life without a life partner, but in today's time, there are many girls who like to spend their life single. Such girls spend their entire lives unmarried. Yes, there are some girls to whom whenever marriage is discussed, they start postponing it by making excuses. In such a situation, her family members do not understand why she is running away from marriage. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some reasons which show why for some women, living alone is a better option than being in a relationship.


For career
Many girls give more importance to their careers. She loves her career so much that she does not want to get married. They feel that after marriage their career will sink or come to a standstill. At the same time, some girls are worried that after marriage it will be difficult to manage both office and home together. They feel that if they have children after marriage, they might have to leave their job.

Just want to be free
Gradually, relationships turn into some kind of routine. Some people are made for it, and they find comfort in it. But some free-spirited women can't even tolerate the idea of a routine in a relationship. She is always looking for adventure. It's just our society that needs to accept the fact that there are some women who don't want to be with one partner and have a family. There are many women who do not want to have a partner. She likes to be alone.

I find solace only when I am alone
There are many girls who find solace only in being alone after some time. She likes to be happy living alone. With time she becomes so mature that she does not like anyone to entertain her.

Don't like interruptions
After marriage, girls have to pay attention to many things. One has to follow the instructions of family members and husband. Now girls do not like the interference of others in their lives and because of this, they run away from the bonds of marriage.

Hate men
Many girls are influenced by feminist ideology during their student life. In this ideology, men are said to oppress or oppress women. In such a situation, girls even start hating men with this thought. Along with this, she does not want to involve herself in any relationship with any man and she refuses to get married.

Don't care about people
Some girls are always having fun and are not concerned with worldly matters. They don't care what anyone else thinks about them. They just like their freedom and want to escape from the daily grind.


Not finding a boy of your choice
Many girls like to remain single because they do not find a boy of their choice. Some girls get married even without their choice due to pressure from their family members, but there is a long list of such girls who are single only because they did not find a boy of their choice. They prefer to remain single rather than make any kind of compromise.
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