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Marriage is a phase that brings a big change in anyone's life. But after marriage, there is a big change in the relationship between husband and wife when they become parents. Holding their child in their hands, they feel like becoming parents for the first time. Along with having a child, husband and wife also face many challenges. Which both have to fulfill. Therefore, nowadays couples first plan to prepare themselves for the child, and then when they are mentally ready for it, they start planning the child. If the couple is unable to handle the problems that arise after the birth of a child with a positive attitude, then fights start increasing between them. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about the changes and problems that come in marital life after the birth of a child, which can be handled to make the relationship pleasant.


Lack of time
From marriage to the birth of a child, husband and wife have time for each other, but as soon as a new guest arrives in their life, their mutual time gets divided. Due to giving time to the child, husband and wife are unable to give time to each other, which can increase the distance between them. Therefore, even after having a child, take some time for your partner. By giving the responsibility of the child to the elders of the house, the husband and wife can go on a dinner date, watch a movie, or go out for a walk.

Lack of sleep
Often children cry a lot at night, due to which the husband and wife have to repeatedly interrupt their sleep to pacify the child. Due to this, both suffer from lack of sleep or become victims of insomnia. Due to this, symptoms like irritability, headache, stress, anxiety, etc. may appear in their nature. When these symptoms become excessive and dominant, the husband and wife take out their irritation or anger on each other. In such a situation, husband and wife should face this problem together. One of them would get up at night and take care of the child. Then repeat the same work the next day. When you take turns taking care of the child for a day, both of you will be able to sleep well and also stay away from worry and stress.

Lack of romance
Most couples face this kind of problem after the birth of a child. Women concentrate completely on taking care of their children and it has been observed that they completely reject romance. Feeding, putting the child to sleep and bathing are many such tasks in which the life partner remains busy and due to this, there is irritation in the relationship. Therefore, husband and wife should also pay attention to each other.

Economic pressure
The family increases after having a child. The needs of the child start increasing. Every parent wants better for their child's future. Therefore their expenses start increasing. In such a situation, financial pressure starts coming on the couple. When pressure increases regarding money, most couples hesitate to talk about it, because they feel that their partner may take it negatively. Due to this tension, fights may occur between husband and wife. For this, it is important to make joint efforts to fulfill the needs of the child. Raise the child according to your income and work by making a budget.


Question of responsibility
After the birth of the child, most of the women take complete care of the child. In such a situation, sometimes the thought comes to their mind that only I am taking the entire responsibility of the child. When pressure increases regarding money, most couples hesitate to talk about it, because they feel that their partner may take it negatively. Due to this also there is discord between husband and wife. In such a situation, if both of them together take responsibility of the child in the beginning or both take care of the child together, then this type of thought will not arise in the minds of women and love will remain between them. To distribute the work of the child, he can also take the help of an elder.
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