Relationship Tips: If your partner is upset about something, then do not make these mistakes..


Relationship Tips: If your partner is upset or angry about something, then do not make the mistake of irritating him by repeatedly asking the reason. This can worsen the mood of the other person and sometimes in anger the person does something that can hurt the other person and its effect can also be seen on your relationship, so how to console an angry or upset partner? A deal has to be made, today we will learn about it.


Give space
If your partner is in a bad mood, leave him alone for some time. You may feel that leaving you alone is not the right option, but believe me, this is a very useful tip. Giving space gives a person a chance to think, which helps to a great extent in calming anger and correcting bad moods.

Listen more than speak
If your partner is angry and you want to know the reason, then when he talks, listen to him carefully, rather than pick up on something and start arguing with him.

Don't irritate
Do not do anything that increases anger instead of calming it. Talking loudly on the phone, turning on the TV at high volume, or laughing unnecessarily, many things increase the anger of the other person even without wanting to. If you sense that your partner is angry or upset about something, then give him some time to become normal or calm.


Talk can be done over tea and coffee
If your partner is angry, try the tips given above to calm him down, which are really useful. Yes, in this situation, make them tea or coffee, whatever they like, and make them drink it. This can cure your bad mood instantly.
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