Relationship Tips: If your partner is not positive about you, identify with these signs


When we love someone, it is natural to freak out. But being in love with someone and being obsessed with someone are two different things. Being frisky is good only up to a limit. Worrying more is called being positive. Every girl or boy wants that the one who loves her loves only her, and listens to her, but when she starts controlling you growing up, then problems start. The habits of the possessive partner are sometimes irritating which works to spoil the relationship. Today in this episode, we are going to give you information about some such signs which show that your partner is positive towards you. Let's know about these signs...


Look at the phone
When the boyfriend is of possessive nature, he first tries to enter your personal space. He'll want to know who you're friends with or who you're in touch with. In such a situation, he will call you again and again. If your phone is busy, it will repeatedly ask you who you were talking to. Not only this, he will check your phone calls to WhatsApp and messages. If he does not like your talking to anyone, then it is possible that he forbids you to talk to him or else he may quarrel or express displeasure about this matter.

Want to control the partner
It is a good thing to show rights to each other in a relationship. But if this habit of asserting becomes excessive, then it can create a rift in the relationship. Many times some people want to keep an eye on their partner continuously. He follows them like a spy. Sometimes some husbands even install cameras to keep an eye on their wives. This habit is wrong, it can harm your relationship.


Being obsessive about a partner
It is normal to be lost in each other's thoughts in love. But if you keep thinking about your partner like an obsessive. So it could be an obsessive thought. It is possible that while doing every work, his passion remains in your mind. Whether you are having dinner with your parents or enjoying a party with friends. Your partner is always on your mind like an obsession. This can be a symptom of obsessive thought. (PC. SOcial media)

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