Relationship Tips: Conversation between husband and wife has become less, then help of these tips...


It is natural to have bickering in a relationship. This can be called a sign of a normal couple, but if the conversation between you is decreasing or you are not able to share your problems or your happiness, then it can become a reason for problems later. Better communication increases trust between you, so it is very important that while in a relationship, we can communicate freely in a better way.


-If you are very emotional, upset, or feel bad about something, then first try to calm and settle yourself. For example, you lie down alone in the room and listen to some melodious music. Talk to your partner on this subject only when you feel relaxed. By doing this, the matter will not reach a fight or stress and you will be able to communicate in a better way.

-Start the conversation with 'I' instead of 'you'. Usually, instead of expressing their emotions, people start a conversation by blaming others. Do not do this. For this, remember this formula that whenever you want to say something, first tell how you are feeling. Doing this will prove to be a game changer and you will be able to have a better conversation.

-If you listen carefully to your partner, then it will be easy to reduce the distance between you. For this, instead of narrating, always make a habit of listening. Many times the problems go away just by listening to things and quality time passes.

-Remember that without telling the partner cannot understand the things going on in your mind, so do not expect to read your mind. Doing this will not put a burden on the relationship. If you are not able to tell your point by speaking, then tell your point by messaging or writing. But make sure to make it in the right way.


-If your conversation starts with criticism of your partner or someone, then it can hurt your relationship as well. That's why it would be better that you do only positive things together for a better relationship. I

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