Relationship Tips: Boys do not like these habits of girls at all, avoid doing them..


Whenever you start a new relationship, you go on a date and try to know and understand each other. During this time, most people believe that it is only girls who notice boys, whereas it is not so because boys also pay attention to what girls say. Girls feel that boys do not take their personality and their way of talking seriously. However, this is not the case at all. Boys pay attention to everything you say. In such situations, girls often make mistakes while trying to attract boys. So today in this episode we are going to tell you about those habits of girls which boys do not like at all.


Men don't like girls who show tantrums. Girls think that they will like girls who behave like children but it is not so.

Mood swings
Boys also do not like the mood swings of girls. If you are upset or worried for some valid reason then it is a different matter, but if you repeatedly try to create an atmosphere of tension without any reason, then they may get angry with you.

Silent one
Some girls think that boys are like silent girls. But it is not so, boys do not like girls who remain silent but girls who talk intelligently. If you remain a fool on the first date, it will spoil your impression.

If you love your partner then always support him. Don't criticize them for anything. When boys are criticized, they often choose another option to divert their minds.

Makeup applier
Some girls wear a lot of makeup. They think that boys like big and prominent lips but it is not so. Excessive makeup does not attract them because it looks artificial.

Does not give personal space
Everyone needs some personal space in their life. But if you do not give your partner space and want him to give you time all the time, then it can prove to be very bad for the relationship.


Wearing messy clothes
Some girls think that boys like girls who wear lazy and messy clothes. However, it is not so, boys always like girls who are neatly dressed and take care of themselves.
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