Relationship: These habits make you a bad husband in the eyes of your wife, and there is a need to improve them..


The relationship between husband and wife is extremely unbreakable and depends on mutual trust and respect. This relationship can last long only when both understand and respect each other. To save the marriage relationship, both husband and wife should make equal efforts. But it is a bit difficult for men to transition from bachelor life to married life and it takes time for them to adjust to it. Due to this, minor arguments also occur between the couple. But there are many habits of men which make them bad husbands. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about those habits in which men need to improve. Let us know about those habits of men due to which they are not able to become good husbands.


Make fun of friends
Husband and wife often argue over many things. Both of them also make fun of each other many times. But you should keep these things limited to yourself only. When husbands make fun of their wives in front of their friends or wife's friends, their wives do not like it at all. Therefore, never say anything to your wife in front of friends that might make her feel bad.

To put a stop to
After marriage, husbands keep imposing various types of restrictions on their wives. They need to understand that just as they have desires, so do others. Too much restriction makes wives irritable. They should have complete freedom to make friends and move around like men so that they can feel independent in their lives and they do not feel any kind of bond with you.

Negative things about wife's appearance
When someone comments on your looks or physical appearance, it is natural to feel angry. On the other hand, if the husband makes fun of his wife's looks, and calls her fat, tall, or short, then the wife can be hurt by such negative comments. Instead of praising, she gets angry when her wife makes fun of her body.

To criticize
Many times it has been seen that husbands criticize their wives in front of others. Or sometimes even when they do not get the food of their choice, they tell them various things. It is wrong to do so. You need to tell them what you didn't like about them. After this you also need to praise their good works.


Compare to your mother
No person is perfect. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. But when the husband starts comparing his wife with his mother in every small and big thing, then the problem starts from there. If you repeatedly remind her of her shortcomings and mistakes, it is natural for her to be displeased. These things can spoil the relationship between you and them. Because no wife likes this thing about her husband at all.
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