Relationship: Negative Feelings are coming after sex for the first time, so know these useful things..


Negative Feelings After Sex: Some couples start feeling negative things after sex. This is commonly seen among many couples. If you also feel tension, sadness or restlessness after sex, then you may be a victim of Post Sex Blues. At present, not much information has been revealed about the causes of Post Sex Blues. But according to health experts, both men and women can feel the same.


Couples can feel things like stress or sadness even after pleasure sex, due to which their sex life can be affected. However, Gynecologist and IVF expert Dr Yuvraj Jadeja has explained the possible causes of Post Sex Blues and how to avoid it.

This could be the reason
history of sexual abuse
general anxiety and stress
hormonal fluctuations
your thoughts about sex
body image
problems in relationship

What should couples do when negative feelings come?
First of all, stop thinking about negative things. After this, take a breath slowly and leave it. If you cannot control your thoughts due to any anxiety, then try to calm yourself down by focusing on the present moment. For example, you can think about your pleasure time. Ask yourself three questions. Like- Am I safe? what's up with me? What do I need to do at this point?

What to do when your partner feels this way
Ask them if they want to talk about it. If they talk about it, listen to them. If they ask for space from you, then respect them. You can start a conversation with them later that day or even in a few days. It is important to let them know that you will be with them whenever they are ready.

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