Relationship: Do not make such jokes with your wife or girlfriend even by mistake, the relationship can be ruined...


Relationship Tips: Be it husband-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend, bickering is common. In these relationships, laughing and joking with each other only works to increase mutual bonding. Many times such things happen in jest which your partner takes to heart and your image also gets tarnished. In such a situation, a small joke becomes the reason for the distance in the relationship. Here we are telling you how you can save your personality from getting spoiled in their eyes. Apart from this, what things should never be said in front of your wife or girlfriend? Let's know about those things.


Joke about looks- If you are thinking that if you say anything to her jokingly, she will not mind, then this is your wrong thinking. It is unbearable for any woman that her partner makes fun of her looks. In such a situation, if you are finding something wrong with their make-up or fashion, then you can go to them alone and give them information or your opinion with love.

Do not underestimate- If your wife or girlfriend does not work or is not an expert in household chores, it does not mean that you should underestimate her personality. Never make fun of her for being a housewife or having no work. If you do this, then the partner may feel bad and your image may also decrease in front of them. It would be better if you motivate them.

Taunting everything - Every girl wants that her partner should be of big thinking. But if you keep commenting jokingly or insulting them, then it can spoil your relationship. That's why never make a habit of taunting your partner.


Making fun of the family- To keep any relationship better, you must respect each other's family. It is the duty of both of you. But if you make fun of your partner's family members in conversation, then it is unbearable for any woman. Maybe he will stop respecting you too.

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