Relationship: Distance can come in the relationship due to being over-possessive, stop yourself in these ways...


How to Stop Your Self from Being Possessive: Being possessive of your partner is a good thing, but being over-possessive can sour your relationship. Due to being more possessive, many times the partner starts making distance from you and these distances sometimes end the relationship. There can be many reasons for being possessive of a partner which can include feelings of jealousy, trauma, and insecurity. Many times people become over-positive even because of childhood neglect, but when it increases beyond a limit, it proves harmful to the relationship.


The relationship between two people is a relationship of love and respect. This relationship is very delicate, that's why there is a rift in it even on a small matter. That's why it is important that you set some boundaries between the relationships and for both people to follow them.

What is possessiveness
Living with a normal nature with a partner and living with a controlling and possessive nature are two completely different things. When there is a feeling of jealousy and insecurity in the relationship, then often couples cross the limits of possessiveness for each other. Because of possessiveness, both start restricting each other's freedom and feelings. Due to possessiveness, both of them start taking each other's information secretly and get angry when they find something wrong. Many times the situation becomes so bad that the relationship comes on the verge of breaking on a small matter.

Ways to avoid possessiveness
Sometimes the things of the past make the relationship completely hollow, so it is important never to talk to your partner about the past which hurts him. Think less about the past as much as possible and plan to spend life with your partner. You can start afresh by forgetting everything that has happened in the past.

Live your life without any restrictions
Coming into a relationship does not mean that you end your hobby. If you want to do a job, then you have a job or are fond of traveling, then roam without any restriction. Do spend time with your partner but also give some time to your personal life. This will bring newness to the relationship and new topics will also be found to talk to each other.

Never impose your will on others
A relationship can never be tied by force. If you impose your will on your partner every time, every time, then it will make him feel confined and the possibility of a rift in the relationship will also increase. No one wants to be bound in a relationship because everyone has their feelings. Every partner should keep this in mind.

Don't let jealousy get the better of you
Jealousy can ruin any relationship, be it a brother-brother relationship, brother-sister relationship, friendship relationship, or love relationship. Jealousy ends the relationship as well as increases hatred and bitterness. That's why you must change your negative behavior into positive nature.


Know each other's friends
A great way to prevent growing jealousy in a relationship is to get to know each other's friends and socialize with them. This will reduce the chances of jealousy and suspicion in the relationship.

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