Almond: Are you eating fake almonds? Identify the real and fake almonds in these ways...


Real or Fake: The market is full of adulterated and fake things. People are taking fake or adulterated things to their homes at the price of real ones. Whether in the market, online... everywhere things are either being adulterated or they are being sold as fake.


Almonds, which are included in dry fruits, are also found either fake or adulterated in the market. While buying from the market, common people are not able to check whether the almond they are buying and taking to their home is genuine or not.

We can also fall ill by eating fake or adulterated almonds. People do not know how to identify real almonds. In this regard, today we are going to tell you about some methods, with the help of which you will now be able to easily identify real and fake almonds.

Identify real almonds yourself in these ways-

One way to identify an almond is to identify it by its color. The color of fake almonds appears slightly darker than real almonds. Besides, its taste is also slightly bitter.

One way to identify an almond is to rub it on your palm after purchasing it for 5 to 10 minutes. If another color remains in your hands while rubbing, then understand that it is almond and adulteration has been done in it.


One way to identify almonds is to press them on a paper. If oil is present in almonds, it will leave a mark on the paper. Leaving traces of oil means that these almonds are genuine.
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