RBI Update: RBI issues warning to crores of bank customers, ignoring it will cost heavily..

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Every day, cases of scammers defrauding bank customers come to light. In such a situation, you need to remain alert and be aware of fraud. So that if any danger comes, you can recognize it beforehand. Recently RBE i.e. Reserve Bank of India has issued a warning to crores of bank customers.


In the digital world, one mistake can cost you dearly. Since smartphones and the internet have become a part of our everyday life. In such a situation, you may suffer a loss due to one mistake in the online world. RBI has issued an alert regarding this. The central bank has cautioned people.

Scammers adopt this method to cheat people-
Scammers keep adopting new methods every day to cheat people. One such way is to trap people through unknown links. Scammers target people through phishing links. As soon as someone falls into their trap, scammers steal his banking details.

RBI gave this advice to the people -
RBI has posted a video on social media platform X. In this video, the Central Bank has advised people not to click on unknown links. These links can reach you through any means like SMS or email. The bank says that if you click on an unknown link, scammers steal your banking credentials.

With the help of these details, scammers can break into your bank account and steal your money. We have seen many such cases in the past when people become victims of online fraud. Scammers commit fraud not only through phishing links but also in the name of OTP, customer care, sextortion, and other methods.

These days the most talked about thing is about committing fraud by making calls by impersonating the police or any other official. In this type of fraud, scammers call people and threaten them in the name of some official. Not only this, these scammers also arrest people digitally to scare them.

How can you escape?
The easiest way to keep yourself safe in the online world is to be careful. Along with this, you will also have to be aware of new types of scammers. In general, you can follow some steps to keep yourself safe.


Do not click on unknown links.
Do not fall into the trap of any tempting message or email.
React calmly to calls coming from unknown numbers.
If someone threatens you in the name of the police, do not fall into his/her words.
Under any circumstances, if you feel that someone is trying to scam you, inform the police.

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