RBI New Rule: No penalty will be imposed if there is zero balance in the bank account, know the new rule of RBI..


What is the minimum amount required to be in your savings account? What will the bank do if the minimum balance is not maintained? What to do if the bank imposes a penalty for not maintaining a minimum balance in a bank account? Apart from all this, people often complain that money has been deducted from their bank without any reason. What should you do in such a situation? Or what does the RBI rule say? Let us know about it.


What is the minimum amount required to be in a savings account?
Although all banks have their own different rules. Talking about Saving Account, generally, it is necessary to have a minimum balance of Rs 5000. This limit of many banks with semi-urban branches is Rs 2,500. Whereas, for accounts with zero account balance it is not necessary to have a minimum balance.

Is it necessary to maintain a minimum balance?
It is very important to maintain a minimum account balance in the bank account. If someone does not do this, a penalty is imposed by the bank, which may vary from bank to bank. However, under RBI rules the bank cannot make your account negative.

What does the RBI rule say?
According to RBI rules, the bank is not allowed to deduct money from the customer's account if the balance is less. The bank does not have the right to deduct the penalty from the customer's account and make his account negative. By doing this the customer has the right to lodge a complaint with RBI.


Where to complain if an account is minus?
If your money has been deducted for not maintaining the minimum balance in your bank account and your account has been reduced to a minus, then you can complain to your bank. You can lodge a complaint by visiting the official website of RBI or by searching the Banking Ombudsman website. Only after this, any action will be taken by RBI.
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