Rasmalai: Mouth waters as soon as you hear the name, know how to make it...


There are some sweets which are present in the heart and mind of every Indian. Rasmalai's name is prominently included in this list. Although it is one of the famous sweets of Bengal, it rules the entire country. People eat it with great enthusiasm. As soon as you hear its name or see it, your mouth starts watering. It is very soft and sweet. Balls are made from fresh chenna and soaked in cream.


3 pieces of reetha (a foaming agent that helps in making Chhena rise)
5-6 cups cow milk
2 cups sugar
3-4 grams tartar (sour product)
1/2 tsp cornflour
1/2 tsp flour
saffron string

To garnish
pistachios, parboiled
Almonds, blanched
(Cook condensed milk without sugar for 1 minute) Rabdi

- Open the reetha, cut it, take out its seeds, peel it, and soak it in hot water.
Meanwhile, blanch the pistachios in some hot water. Boil them for some time. Once the skin starts looking soft and puffy, remove it from the flame. Let it cool, peel, and slice them.
- Peel the almonds after blanching them. When they cool down, slice them too. Make chhena by boiling milk. Keep stirring the milk continuously so that it does not burn or stick to the pan. Once done, let it cool.
- During this time also prepare the syrup. Add an equal quantity of water and sugar to a pan.
When the sugar dissolves completely, it will become thick and turn off the gas.
Once the milk cools down, mix tartar in 1 cup of water and add it.
- Slowly add it to the milk and keep stirring continuously.
- When the milk curdles, add ice-cold water to it. After this collect the milk from the edges.
- With the help of muslin cloth, filter this milk and take it out in another vessel.
- Take out all the water from it.
- Prepare dough by mixing cornflour and flour in chenna.
- Make small balls of it and thin it out.

Now we have to make rasmalai syrup in which rasmalai has to be soaked. Add one cup of sugar in less than one cup of water and heat it. This time the syrup will be thicker than the previous one.
- When the syrup starts boiling, add 2 tablespoons of reetha water.
Now gently pour the ras malai into the syrup.
- Don't run it. This may cause the Rasmalai to break.
Once foam starts appearing, press it lightly with a spoon. This will suppress the foam and the rasmalai will rise to the top.
- After some time, add some boiled water to it.
- When all the foam settles, then after removing all the Rasmalai, add it to the syrup made earlier.
- Heat some milk. Do not boil it. Add some saffron to it.
- Take out all the ras malai from the syrup and add it to the milk. Mix it well and squeeze it out in a plate.
Garnish with rabri pistachios and almonds and serve.
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