Railway Insurance: Railways gives insurance of Rs 10 lakh to its passengers, do you know?


It would not be wrong to say that all the railway stations of India are crowded with passengers 24 hours a day. No matter which route you see, there will be very little chance that you will find the train empty. The number of railway passengers in India is increasing every year. On the other hand, news of railway accidents is heard every day.

On May 19, 2024,, 3 passengers were injured when an iron pole fell on Shalimar Express. Insurance is done by Indian Railways in case of such accidents.


Do you know that Indian Railways provides Railway Travel Insurance to every passenger? This insurance is available to those passengers who take insurance while booking train tickets. Many people do not know about this insurance.

What is Railway Travel Insurance?

The benefit of Railway Travel Insurance is available to those passengers who book tickets online. If a passenger books the ticket offline i.e. at the counter, then he does not get this benefit. However, taking this insurance completely depends on the passenger. If the passenger wishes, he can also refuse this insurance.

The premium for rail insurance is 45 paise. Passengers traveling in general coach or compartment do not get the benefit of this insurance.

How much is insurance

This insurance of Indian Railways provides a cover of Rs 10 lakh. In this, the loss incurred in a train accident is compensated by the insurance company. If a passenger dies in a train accident, the company gives an insurance amount of Rs 10 lakh to the nominee. Whereas if a passenger becomes disabled then the company gives Rs 10 lakh to the passenger.

How to get insurance

If you also want to avail the benefit of Railway Travel Insurance, then you will have to select the travel insurance option while booking tickets online. The insurance premium will be collected along with the ticket itself.


As soon as you select the insurance option, a link will be sent to your email ID and mobile number. By visiting this link you will have to fill in the nominee details. After adding the name of the nominee, the insurance claim is easily received.

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