Protein Soup Recipe: Protein-rich healthy, the tasty soup will reduce weight, try quick recipe...


Protein Soup Recipe: It is raining and you feel like drinking something hot, that is too healthy. So you can try this wonderful recipe for protein soup. People trying to lose weight can enjoy this soup without thinking because this soup (Protein soup) helps a lot in weight loss. Not only this, but this protein soup is also best for those people who are pure vegetarians and are looking for a better option to overcome the deficiency of protein in the body.


Ingredients for Protein Soup
To make protein soup, three spoons of lentils, two spoons of gram lentils, three spoons of yellow moong dal, salt according to taste, one-inch piece of ginger, two-three cloves of garlic, chopped tomato half cup, chopped carrot half cup. Take a quarter spoon of turmeric powder, half a spoon of black pepper powder, two spoons of lemon juice, water as required and two spoons of chopped coriander leaves.
Protein Soup Recipe
First of all, mix all the pulses in a bowl and wash them well and soak them in water for ten minutes. Then put lentils along with water in the cooker, add salt, turmeric powder, carrots, tomatoes, ginger and garlic to it. Now close the lid of the cooker and cook the pulses till 2-3 whistles. Then turn off the gas and keep the dal to cool down. When the dal cools down properly, put it in a blender jar and grind it finely to make a smooth paste.


Now put this paste of lentils in the pan and mix a little water. Along with this, add black pepper powder, green coriander leaves, and lemon to it and cook it for four to five minutes. Your hot protein soup is ready to serve. If you want, you can also use a pinch of chili flakes for garnishing while serving it.

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