Property Ownership Rules: When can the tenant take possession of the house, the landlord must do this otherwise the property will be lost...


Renting out a house as a better source of income is considered good from the very beginning. While this increases the income of the family, the maintenance of the house also becomes easier. But sometimes a small mistake becomes very costly and a person has to lose his house. Today we are going to tell you about some such legal provisions, about which you should know in detail.


The law of adverse possession is dangerous
In fact, the law of 'Adverse Possession Rules' has been prevalent in India since the British era. Under this law, if a tenant or any other person remains in possession of someone else's property for 12 continuous years, then he can be declared its owner. In such a situation, the original landlord may lose his rights over that building forever.

Does the house become the tenant's after 12 years?
Under this law, if any property (Property Ownership 12 Years Rule) is peacefully occupied by another person and the real owner is also aware of it but does not take any legal initiative to get rid of that possession, then after 12 years The tenant can claim to be the real owner of that land. However, for this, he has to fulfill many conditions. These include living in that house without any interruption for 12 years, and showing house tax receipts, electricity, and water bills in one's name. Besides, affidavits of witnesses are also required.

Landlords need to be alert
Legal experts say that landlords should be very cautious to protect their property (Property Ownership 12 Years Rule) from illegal encroachment. The first thing is that while giving a house on rent to any person, a rent agreement for 11 months should be made. When that agreement ends, after giving a gap of one month, an agreement should be made again for 11 months. Doing so will be considered a break in the continuous possession of the property. Another way is that you can change your tenants from time to time.


You can lose your property due to procrastination
If you live somewhere far away, then you should visit your property (Property Ownership 12 Years Rule) once a month or two to see whether any illegal encroachment has been done there. If someone is seen living illegally in your property, you should immediately lodge a complaint with the police administration to evict him. If you are lax in this work, you may lose your property, which may result in loss to you.

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