Property Knowledge: Keep these things in mind before buying a house..


Buying a house, flat, plot, or any other property is an expensive deal, hence it is important to take complete care of it. Especially before buying a house or flat, carefully investigate the promises and promises of the builder or developer.


It is very important to know about the reputation of the builder in whose project you are planning to buy a house or shop because in recent years many builders have cheated customers. However, with the introduction of RERA law, the situation has changed. Still, be sure to know about the builder's previous projects.

Confirm this property is pre-approved
Before investing in property, ask the builder with which banks his project has tied up. Upon receiving the reply, please confirm it with the concerned bank. The housing projects which are approved by the bank are considered safe and it is ensured that the project is not disputed. In such projects, a home loan is easily available.

Well-known and trusted builders make some banks their partners before launching their projects. Due to this, they do not face any problem of funds. Banks maintain a list of good builders, which is called pre-approved list.

Consider location and meeting facilities
Confirm about the facilities that the builder or developer is talking about providing in the projects. Like what is its location and how far will your office be from there. How far is the children's school and other facilities nearby?


Before buying a house or flat, check whether any legal matter related to the property is being hidden from you. If the builder does this then you may face a lot of trouble in selling the house in future. Apart from this, you should also know about the quality of construction.

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