Property Documents: While buying property, definitely check these documents, otherwise there will be problems later...


There is a need for in-depth investigation before making any real estate deal. It includes all the necessary details like background, documents to check before buying a new flat, information about the owner, checking to see if the property is involved in any dispute, and much more.


With proper legal advice, scrutiny of documents, and verification of relevant property information, you can be assured that the investment brings peace of mind and a sense of security. He tells us what to consider before buying a property.

Investigation of ownership of property-

It is important to research property ownership before making any deal. A title deed is one of the most important documents that should be verified before purchasing a house or anything else that helps indicate the actual ownership. It also states the rights and obligations of the owner and the rights of a mortgagee, if required by the owner to verify that there are no issues concerning ownership transfer, partition, conversion, mutation, etc. It is also essential to verify that the land on which the property is built has been purchased legally and that it has been constructed in compliance with the permissions provided.

Verification of debt encumbrance certificate-

A house is a fixed asset, and over the years it bears certain taxes by the local municipal corporation. Thus it is necessary to verify that he does not have any outstanding. For this, a buyer should check the encumbrance certificate. An encumbrance certificate proves that there are no monetary and legal liabilities on your property. It can be obtained from the office of the sub-registrar where the property has been registered. This is an important aspect to check as it can go back as far as 30 years.

Commencement Certificate-

Commencement Certificate is also known as Construction Clearance Certificate in some places. This document is mandatory. Be sure to ask for this when you are buying an under-construction property from a developer. Be it a flat to be built by a builder or a plot for building construction. This certificate shows that the necessary approval has been received from the local authorities for this construction. Its construction started only after getting all kinds of licenses and permissions.

Layout or building plan-

Layout plans must be approved by the appropriate planning authorities. In such cases, home buyers need to be careful. There have been cases where developers have deviated from the approved layout by adding additional floors or reducing open areas. This is an important aspect that should be cross-checked before finalizing the property purchase. Usually, a building plan is approved by the local municipal authority. It is also known as a site plan and this document includes a blueprint of the project, equipment layout, and utilities. Any unauthorized or additional construction runs the risk of subsequent demolition or denial of possession.


Occupancy or OC Certificate-

Last but not least. This certificate is also issued by the local authorities only after the completion of the construction of the project. This document certifies that the property has been constructed in compliance with the permissions granted. Therefore, at this stage, the developer must have completed all the necessary water, sewage, and electricity connections. This ensures that the building is suitable for business purposes and that the people purchasing the property can own it.

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