Property Documents: Before buying a property, do its legal check in this manner, you will never be cheated...

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Buying a house or flat is the biggest investment in every person's life because most of the money is spent on property. Since house or land deals are worth lakhs and crores, it is important to take some precautions. The most important among these is to check the legal validity of the property, i.e. whether the house or land you are going to buy is legally verified or not. In fact, in the last few years, many types of rigging and scams have come to light in the real estate sector, due to which lakhs of home buyers have to face problems.


Whenever you are going to buy any immovable property, the most important thing is to check the documents of that property. So that it can be ascertained whether there is any kind of legal dispute regarding the house or land, because if the property records are suspicious or have been tampered with, then your dream of owning a house may be shattered. Let us tell you how you can check the legal validity of the property without the help of any lawyer or property expert.

Check these documents before buying land or house
Title Deeds: This is the primary document that must be verified before purchasing any property. This will ensure that the seller has full authority to sell the property and is the legitimate owner. Check past transactions to check how many times the asset has changed hands. You can confirm validity from the local municipal office. Request an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) to confirm that the property is free from any mortgage, debt, or encumbrances. You can get EC by submitting an application in the sub-registrar office.

Property Tax Receipts: It is legally mandatory for every property owner to pay tax on his land and house every year. By checking the property tax details, you can re-confirm the ownership and ensure that there are no statutory dues against the said property. Remember, payment of property tax should be regular.

Encumbrance Certificate proves that the property is legally free from mortgage or dues. The name of the previous owner of the property is also written on it. Whenever it comes to buying an old property, it is a very important document. This makes it clear whether the previous owner had mortgaged the property and paid all the dues or not.

Layout and building approval: If you are buying a plot, ensure that the layout has been approved by the appropriate authorities. Do check it out. Another important document for flats and apartments is the Occupancy Certificate (OC). This certifies that the above structure is correct and appropriate. After verifying several documents from the developer, the local municipal corporation issued OC to the building. At the same time, the builder has to obtain all the necessary NOCs from government agencies.


Bank Approval: Lastly, the validity of the property can also be ascertained through a bank loan for the property, because before approving the loan, banks evaluate the property. If any PSU or public sector bank makes an on-site offer for an apartment project, then understand that the property is legally verified and all the approvals have been obtained.

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