Property Documents: Keep this thing in mind while checking the property registry, otherwise you will become a victim of fraud..


If you are also planning to buy a house or land for your residence. In such a situation, this news is especially for you. Often, due to a lack of information, people see the paper shown in front of them while buying property. They believe in him. During this time, people do not even check the property or registry documents properly. Due to this, the possibility of them being cheated increases significantly. In this connection, today through this news we are going to talk about the process with the help of which you can find out about the real and fake registry of the property. Let us know -


While making a land deal, people often look at the Khatauni or registry documents only. From these documents, you can find out who has the ownership rights on the land.

If you want to avoid fraud. In such a situation, you should see the old registry along with the registry. Apart from this, find out about the person from whom you are buying the land. From whom has he bought that land? How did he come to own the land?

The most important thing is the land you are buying. Before buying it, check whether there is any kind of dispute going on over it. You should not make the mistake of buying a disputed property.


Apart from this, the land you are going to buy. Go there and find out whether it is government land or not. You can find out about the reality of the land through Consolidation Records 41 and 45.
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