Ayodhya: Preparations for Deepotsav begin in Ayodhya, world record to be established again..


Special preparations have been started for the festival of lights in the city of Lord Ram. This time Deepotsav will be the last Deepotsav of the temporary temple of Ramlala, for which the district administration has already started preparations for organizing the divine and grand Deepotsav.


According to the information, Aaradhya will be seated in the grand temple in January 2024, preparations have been completed for the grand and divine welcome of Lord Shri Ram, Mother Sita, and brother Lakshman, but from the festival of lights itself, Ram devotees will remain alert for the arrival of Lord Shri Ram. A glimpse of Treta will be seen in Ramnagar on the occasion of Deepotsav. All the monasteries, temples, and Ghat Chowk intersection of Saryu will be illuminated with lamp garlands.

World record will be established again
This time during Deepotsav, volunteers of Awadh University will try to set a new record by lighting 21 lakh lamps at Ram Ki Pauri. Let us tell you that in 2022, Ayodhya set a new record by lighting 15 lakh 76 thousand lamps, whose record was broken by lighting 18 lakh 82 thousand 229 lamps on the banks of Shipra river on the occasion of Mahashivratri in Ujjain Mahakal. Therefore, this time 21 lakh lamps will be lit on the banks of Ram Ki Paidi and once again the volunteers of Avadh University will try to set a record in Ayodhya.

Staging of foreign Ram Leela will be a special
District Magistrate Ayodhya said that Deepotsav has gained fame at the international level. This time, there will be programs of Deepotsav on a large scale in which efforts will be made for public participation. Extensive plans are being made for this. Along with this, the District Magistrate said that the program of light and sound will now be on a permanent basis, which will be continued continuously from Deepotsav till the consecration of Ram temple. At the same time, Tourism Officer RP Yadav said that 21 lakh lamps will shine on Ram Ki Pauri.


Grand Deepotsav programs will be organized in the monastery temples of Ayodhya, which will also include cultural programs. Apart from this, on the occasion of Deepotsav, the old bridge of Saryu going to Gonda will be decorated with lighting. Grand gates will be built for the entrance to Ramnagari. Along with this, there will be a laser show and fireworks show in the Deepotsav, as well as cultural programs will also be organized. Not only this, Deepotsav will also be organized in the monasteries and temples around Ayodhya, and the staging of foreign Ram Leelas on the occasion of Deepotsav in Ayodhya will be very special this year.
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