Prenuptial Agreement: What is prenuptial agreement and why is it necessary before marriage?


Prenuptial Agreement: A prenuptial agreement is basically an agreement made before a marriage. Which is completely written. This agreement usually deals with the details of goods and liabilities. It also prevents many problems in case of the breakdown of marriage in the future. Let us know about this in detail.


What is a prenuptial agreement?
A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that is made by the husband and wife at the time of marriage. This agreement includes the property, business, liabilities, and ownership rights of both parties. This agreement also mentions all those conditions which will be the rights and responsibilities of each party in case of separation or death of one of the parties. It is signed by both husband and wife.

Key Points of Prenuptial Agreement
In this agreement, apart from the information about the property, things like child custody, gifts received at the time of marriage, division of grades related to child care, determining the amount of alimony, source of income of the spouses, and their distribution are included.

In India, there is no trend of such agreement before marriage, due to which women often have to face many financial problems after divorce. The impact of separation is also visible in the upbringing of children. In such a situation, it is very important to think about a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

Important things related to prenuptial agreement
Talking about any pre-marital agreement can sometimes lead to a rocky start to the relationship, but that's because times are changing. Women are also becoming dependent along with men, so there is no harm in thinking about it. In fact, in many cases, this agreement proves beneficial. Let us know how.

This agreement proves to be effective in saving you from legal hassles at the time of divorce regarding property division, parenting, child custody, etc.

- Prenuptial agreement helps in preventing any kind of baseless complaints and misbehavior by the spouses after divorce.

- Many times women have to compromise with their careers due to family and children. In such a situation, if she separates from her husband, then she gets support under the prenuptial agreement and financial agreement.


If the provision of custody is added to the agreement, the future of the child also remains secure after divorce.

It is not necessary that wives also become financially weak after divorce, this situation can be seen with men also. In such a situation, their financial position also remains secure through this type of agreement.

So keeping all these things in mind, take this agreement positively. It is not that this is an agreement that favors only women, but it also provides many types of support to men.

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